Is a clarity problem holding you back?


Some problems are obvious. If your air conditioner breaks, you call a repairman. If your accounting is a mess, it might be time to hire a CFO.

A clarity problem isn't so obvious, but it's probably the biggest obstacle your work is facing. Overcoming confusion – both internally with your team and externally with your marketing – is the most important step you can take to grow.

So how do you know if you have a clarity problem?

Don't waste another dollar on ineffective marketing. Fixing your clarity problem first is the best way to grow your business.


Want to grow? This process will work for you.

Our three step process works for every type of organization – from solopreneurs, to non-profits, to small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies, and every company in between.

Get confident that your marketing is communicating clearly so people will engage.

Get feedback and direction on your strategy so you will know that you're doing it right.


A simple, twenty minute get-to-know-you call.

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Clarity Coaching

Work with an expert to create the best plan to grow your business. Clarity Coaching lays a foundation for growth.

– Three recorded video calls or in-person 

– Custom tailored for your organization

– Utilizes Storybrand Framework

Execute Growth Plan

Now that we've laid the foundation in our Clarity Session, we can work together to grow your business. 

Optional Deliverables:

– Website

– Landing pages

– Social media

– Brand identity

– Lead generators

– Online ads

– Print design

– Email campaigns

– Sales decks

– Presentation decks

– Acting CMO

Overcome your clarity problem with three simple steps.

What you get from Clarity Coaching

Completed StoryBrand BrandScript


90-Day Execution Roadmap


The Brand Brief –

Your Foundation


"Dylan's gift is helping people communicate clearly about their businesses, which translates directly into growth. He has helped multiple organizations, including my private equity firm and our portfolio companies, to communicate clearly through marketing collateral such as websites and email campaigns. Even some of the smallest changes Dylan recommends lead to massive improvements."

– John H.

"Working with Dylan was the smartest decision we have made in years. Our sales have increased tremendously now that we are communicating a clear message about our business. Dylan listened to our needs and gave us the perfect solution. We are so proud of our new image."

– Kay R.

"After seeing my website for the first time, I was blown away. A wordsmith by nature, Dylan extracted and simplified what I had been struggling to name in my business for years. Working with Dylan was such an enjoyable and seamless process, and my referrals have doubled since hiring him!"

– Sarah A.

I'm Dylan Spencer, a Storybrand Certified Guide and the founder of Dylan Spencer & Co.


I help people gain clarity so they can grow their work and feel confident that they're doing it right. I hate to watch great leaders waste fortunes on agencies or consultants that end up letting them down. Without a solid foundation, marketing is a waste of time and money. Thankfully, laying a great foundation is exactly what we'll do during our Clarity Coaching Sessions. 

In addition to DS&Co, Dylan also works with the private equity firm Syntax SDG. Previously he was Chief of Staff at Lucid, a high-growth tech startup in New Orleans. He then joined Legacy School of Discipleship as Chief Operating Officer before founding DS&Co. 

Dylan is an active alumni of Venture for America and serves on the Board of Directors for Legacy School of Discipleship and for the Homewood Historical Preservation Society. He loves Auburn University, where he was a Presidential Scholar and played four years of varsity basketball. Dylan and his wife Sarah live in Birmingham.

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Most organizations have no idea that they have a clarity problem. This is called the "Curse of Knowledge." You're too close to your own work to communicate clearly, and it's almost impossible to notice and fix from the inside. 

Confusion might be costing you millions of dollars, hundreds of clients, or thousands of donations. Confusion could be holding you back from building the organization you want to build. Confusion could be keeping your work from changing the world.

Imagine how great it will feel to know that your marketing and strategic efforts will succeed. Confidence starts with Clarity Coaching. Schedule a free consultation to get started.

Don't let a clarity problem

hold you back.


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